The Mopeds

Your moped must have been originally manufactured as a true moped with pedals and an engine of less than or equal to 50cc OEM, but this does not mean you may not install a kit.
Pedals must operate a minimum 1/2 rotation, but they do not necessarily have to actually do anything.
Engine/drivetrain mods are allowed, however your crank stroke may be no more than 45mmm and any aftermarket cases must have been manufactured to fit an OEM moped (no scoot engines/Lifan’s bracketed up to a moped frame).

You must have an active phone with GPS capability and a camera. Separate cameras are allowed but a method of photographic documentation must be brought. Bring a backup battery/charging method. While on the run, tracking must be active at all times to locate you in case you get lost, take a wrong turn, or break down. Tracking will also allow us to pace the chase and anticipate how long the finish line events will last. Periods of the run where you cannot be traced will result in DNF.

The minimum personal equipment you will need is a helmet. Many states we will travel through require helmets and eye protection, additional safety gear recommended. Any personal items must be carried by the rider or team support vehicle. See the laws page for information about each states regulations.


All riders must register and there will be a liability waiver to sign before the run begins. Riders must agree to follow all laws and ride with respect to other traffic. Solo entrants are welcome as well as teams of up to 3 bikes max/ 3 riders max. Registration will close at 50 riders. The ride may be split with the another rider, however both riders will need to register. Any additional support must be manned by their own team vehicle. Team support vehicles are suggested to be group efforts by more than one team. Arranging you and your bikes return from Key West is your responsibility. We have setup a forum for arranging logistics with other teams, so please use it to your advantage.

The Run

Ahem This is not a race. On most roads mopeds are unable to speed, however racing on public roads is not allowed in most states. Leaderboard with times and point system maintained for ah, novelty and things like mileage computations only ok? The planned route must be followed with checkpoints and overnight cities hosting a finish line for the day. All fuel usage must be recorded (in gallons/with receipts). The entire run must be made only by moped or human power. To remain qualified to finish the run, the moped may not be towed or loaded onto a support vehicle at any time. First to cross the finish in Key West the actual win- i mean leader. Bonus and penalty added to final Key Run starting line, with up to 90 minute head start leaving for the finish line. Any bonus/penalty is the sole discretion of the event organizers.

The event RV will be going ahead after the starting gun goes off- taking the highway to the next finish or large checkpoint. They will have the spots set up at the finish line for tracking, and to chill and laugh as everyone slower or broken down rolls in. Dedicated driver, event coordinator, and tech assistant only will ride in the RV, it will not be carrying any dead weight.

Ride Support

The run will have a dedicated chase vehicle that leaves the start gate two hours after the ride starts. If the chase catches you at any point, it’s no questions you’re on and a DNF put by your official time. You and your moped will be taken to the next city to attempt repair, or accept your fate dropping out of the run. The chase will dump any terminal breakdowns in the nearest city to the rider en route, with the rider responsible for getting themselves and bikes home (or tagging on a support vehicle). If the chase reaches capacity first breakdowns go home. If you miss the starting line and you’re not on the road when the chase is ready to leave, you will be left behind.

Chase support personnel (aka people who are on the chase) will volunteer the extra two hours after the starting line to help the hosts clean up, recover from partying, and post photos, blogs, and team updates.


$100 entry fee per rider. $30 up front when registering, non refundable, non transferrable. $70 at the starting line which it all goes to help pay for gas on the chase van and prizes for completing the run. Teams who wish to swap a rider that did not start will still need to register the alternate rider online for $30. You will be stoked to have a chase van behind you 1800 miles for $10 a day when you break down. Get sponsored if you don’t have the cash. no whining. Estimated 33-50 gallons of gas depending on your bike, so that’d be approx $140 in fuel. Some gas, oil, food, and lodging will be sponsored or arranged, but any needs beyond that would be the riders responsibility. Riders will also be provided a sponsor package to assist those who would like to get sponsors for the event or for their personal builds or costs preparing for or during the run. Sponsors will be updated on this site as they sign on.