Over the past year, Rob Burrito has been assembling specific minds and resources culled from the entire US moped scene. The intention of this council is to host the most epic rally held in the history of motorized pedalcycles. Inspired by Cannonball Baker and the cross country races that followed, this transcontinental run is the new standard to test your building skills, abilities and endurance. Over fourteen states from Maine to Key West, the run will see the changing shoreline, capital, and lifestyles of the country.

99 years after Cannonball Baker completed his famous first ride, we will takeoff from Portland, Maine on August 30th 2013. En route to paradise every city with an active moped scene on the east coast lies in its path, establishing a national support network to keep these vintage machines moving. From evergreens to the Everglades this route is rich with America’s history, ending in Key West with a flaming cat circus at sunset. To delve deeper into the history of the route, go over rules, itinerary, or more info feel free to browse around the site, or contact us directly at any of the following:

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