Pinball Run 3: Gold Rush!

Seattle to San Diego
July 18-24

167 years ago on a cold January morning, a modest carpenter stirred up a handful of gold nuggets in a California creek.  News quickly spread, and incited the California Gold Rush. This changed the history of the world, as folks traveled from around the globe in search of fortune and fame.  A lucky few struck it rich, the rest faced considerable hardship as time went on and the gold disappeared.  66 years later, Erwin “Cannonball” Baker set out on an 11 day trek to cross the country.  Reblazing those same paths on a motorized pedalcycle, he set in motion an era of road-running that captivated a universal spirit of adventure.  Today, Inspired by tales penned by the pioneers of 1849, this moped-only cannonball is in tribute to the legacy of Baker, the golden dreams, and untamed heritage of the west.

This Pinball Run is the encore, to the sequel of, Pinball Run: 2 Strokes to Paradise!  Which on August 30th 2013, pioneered a new standard for transcontinental moped adventure en masse.  Teams represented their hometowns from across the country, coming from as far and wide as Washington state through Savannah GA.  Riders from Denver, Chicago, York PA, Boston, and Milwaukee being the only 5 of 17 to make it the distance.  The rolling rally connected all the major moped crews on the east coast from Portland Maine, Providence, New York, Lancaster, Richmond, Wilmington, to Joe Conti’s Miami, all the way to the tropical party island of Key West.

Then on Sept 1st 2014, we reassembled an even larger group of national representatives.  Out to prove themselves and their machines, we rode from Minneapolis down the length of the Mississippi River.  The great folks of Cedar Rapids, St Louis, Memphis, Jackson, and New Orleans were our heartland hosts and overnight wrench spot saviors.  Pinball Run 2: The Adventures of Tomos Sawyer! was the 5 day adventure that claimed new ground: starting with grueling back to back to back 300+ mile days which took many teams to the limit.  In the end, we saw newcomers from Los Angeles, followed closely by the alumni team from Denver, and a bi-coastal team from San Francisco and Baltimore leading the ride on the final day.

This July, a critical moped mass will be the continuation of Pinball Run 3: Gold Rush!  Seattle, the northernmost port of the Gold Rush, begins a path that runs to Portland then through The Great Redwood Forest.  The path continues past the goldfields to the epicenter of California’s modern history, San Francisco.  From there we follow along the coast south to Los Angeles, all the way to eternal sunset of San Diego.  This moped-only event pays tribute to the Gold Rush, the greatest single transcontinental migration in America’s history.  Having the most exotic and luxurious custom mopeds to cross the continent; these moped enthusiasts will face the modern hardships of these vintage machines in aspirations of great success.

Over the past 3 years, Rob Burrito with the support of the best and brightest of the moped scene, the riders, and our sponsors have made the Pinball Run happen. The intention of this council is to carry the torch of the most epic rally held in the history of motorized pedalcycles.   The Pinball Run is covering the length of both coasts, half the states, and the length of the 4th longest river in the world in just 3 events.  The Pinball Run riders have gone from Evergreens to Everglades, and Hard Times to The Big Easy, now we go from The High West to Endless Summer!  This transcontinental run is the proving grounds to test your building skills, abilities and endurance, while experiencing the changing form of America’s golden coast, and lifestyles of our friends in the west.  To delve deeper into the history of the route, go over rules, itinerary, or more info feel free to browse around the site, or contact us directly at any of the following:

Pinball Run 3: Gold Rush!

Friday, July 17: Seattle 0 mi

Saturday, 7/18: Seattle – Portland 200 mi

Sunday 7/19: Portland – Coo’s Bay 215 mi

Monday 7/20: Coo’s Bay – Humboldt Redwood Forest 305 mi

Tuesday 7/21: Humboldt Redwood – SF 260 mi

Wednesday 7/22: SF – SLO 275 mi

Thursday 7/23: SLO – LA 230 mi

Friday 7/24: LA – San Diego 145 mi

Seattle to San Diego, 7 days, 1630 mi 233 mi day avg

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